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Tesla Model S Plaid Gets Delivered Straight Off the Transport

BMW x4 Ceramic Pro

A Supercar Member of ours called us up and told us he was taking delivery of his new Tesla Model S Plaid. This is the fastest and most advanced model Tesla offers, so our client wanted to take care of it as best he could.

Our auto spa team made a quick plan of deep soaking the vehicle, iron decontaminating, clay barring, and paint correcting. Even though the car was brand new it has several areas where the paint had been scratched and needed to be perfected before sealing with the ceramic coating.

On this car we are doing a full interior coating, and gold ceramic package with four layers of ceramic coating. Check out the process below.


Vehicle Paint Correction

Once we got the vehicle detailed we were able to see several minor scratches that the vehicle got during transport. Even though the vehicle is brand new, this is a common thing we see, and needs to be addressed in the paint correction phase by using a good compound to remove leaving the paint smooth and deep black with no residue.

Four Layer Ceramic Coating on Exterior Paint

We then moved on to ceramic coating. We did four coats on this car to ensure the strength and longevity of the coating. This is not only a hydrophobic coating, but deepens the black paint color and makes it keep a super high gloss.

Ceramic Coating on Interior Leather and Textile

Our team also did a full coating on the inside of this Tesla. Being that it has white interior, the coating will ensure that the seats and doors will stay clean and prevent things like blue jean stains, spilt drinks and messes left by the kids.

You can see just on this one vehicle how many different products are used to ensure it is given the best treatment.

Just as with all our other clients, our team did an amazing job on this vehicle brining the paint back to perfection, and making sure this Tesla is ready for the road ahead! They worked super hard to meet deadlines and go the extra mile to ensure our client was impressed. Our customer was super happy when picking up the vehicle and loved the transformation of it knowing it is protected from day one.

Check out the photos to see how amazing this vehicle looks! For pricing, details and more info on getting work done on your vehicle, contact us today!

Check out a video of the process:


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