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New Mercedes G63 Get's Full Package for Max Protection

BMW x4 Ceramic Pro

This Mercedes G63 came in to get perfected. We helped with Paint Correction, Paint Protection Film, Ceramic Coating, Blackout Package, Full Interior Ceramic, and Wheels off Ceramic Package.

This is by far one of the most gratifying transformations we have ever seen in our shop!

This car looks better than new, and is protected for years and years to come.


Vehicle Prep

We Started by taping off all the areas around the car and doing a full paint correction on the vehicle. Even new vehicles like this need paint correction in most cases to make sure we are locking in the paint at a perfect state.

Wheels Off Ceramic

We carefully took the wheels off to detail them and to be able to detail the brake calipers. We started with a soap wash, then used a Iron Remover to make sure all the metal contaminants were removed off the paint. The contamination turns purple when it's working, and you can see tons of it here on this "like new" vehicle. Then we carefully airbrush the wheels and calipers with our 9H Ceramic.

Ceramic Coating on PPF and Paint

We then moved on to coating all the paint. We did 4 coats on this Mercedes to ensure the strength and longevity of the coating. This is not only a hydrophobic coating, but deepens paint color and makes it keep a super high gloss.

Interior Ceramic

We finished this vehicle off with a leather, alcantara and carpet ceramic coating to make sure the interior was protected from spills, UV rays, and normal wear and tear.

For pricing, details and more info on getting work done on your vehicle, contact us today!


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