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Cadillac Escalade Luxury Looking Like New After a Year of Driving

BMW x4 Ceramic Pro

One of our members came to us with his one year old Escalade wanting to make it "look like new again." This luxury edition is such an amazing vehicle packing the coolest interior and so much luxury inside for taking the kids around town. It had been taken care of, but after a year of drive through machine washes and sitting in front of the sprinklers for a year, it needed a bit of a makeover.

Our team made a quick plan of deep soaking the vehicle, iron decontaminating the car, clay barring, paint correcting all the body panels and they even went the extra mile to take our nano polisher to the wheel to bring them back to perfection.

On this car we are doing a one step correction, interior detail, and silver ceramic package with two layers of ceramic coating.

We were able to get this car turned around quickly while our client was away on a summer vacation, and delivered just in time for the week to start! This car looks better than new, and is protected for years and years to come. Check out the process below.


Vehicle Paint Correction

Once we got the vehicle detailed we were able to see that the hood had some hard water spots, most likely from lawn sprinklers. This is a common thing we see, and needs to be addressed in the paint correction phase by using a good compound to remove leaving the paint smooth and deep black with no residue.

You can also see lots of little micro scratches in the paint from the automatic car washes. While convenient and quick, these drive through car washes can absolutely ruin your paint. This is because they use high speed washers and rarely change out the equipment... It is essentially taking dirt from one car and then rubbing it onto another. This leaves very coarse equipment that leaves scratches on your paint. This doesn't just apply to the paint, it applies to your wheels as well. Here was a very satisfying moment for this car as we whispered to it "it will all be okay, we are here to take care of you now." After winning over this black beauty's trust, we went to work making this car stand out!

The Freedom AutoSpa team uses the best equipment and techniques in the industry to make sure the vehicle is brought back to life safely. We don't skip corners as you can see here we even get the roof of the vehicle. Just look at how good and glossy that paint is looking! Our lighting ensures that we see every imperfection to correct.

Our team went the extra mile and even did the paint correction on the wheels. Just look at the difference between the two photos! You can see the wheels were restored from having lots of scratching on them. This lets the color come back to life.

Two Layer Ceramic Coating

We then moved on to ceramic coating. We did two coats on this car to ensure the strength and longevity of the coating. This is not only a hydrophobic coating, but deepens the black paint color and makes it keep a super high gloss. Finishing touches, our team cleaned and detailed the entire interior. We hit it with our ionizer to remove any odors of the AC system, and this vehicle is ready to hit the road.

Once again, our team did an amazing job on this vehicle brining the paint back to perfection, and having the color come back to a deep gloss black! They worked super hard to meet deadlines and go the extra mile to ensure our client was impressed. Our customer was super happy when picking up the vehicle and loved the transformation of it. Although only a year old, this car looks even better than when it came from the dealership.

Check out the photos to see how amazing this Cadillac Escalade looks!

For pricing, details and more info on getting work done on your vehicle, contact us today!


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