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Land Cruiser Comes in from California to Get Transforming Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating

BMW x4 Ceramic Pro

This 1989 Land Cruiser came to us from one of our supercar club members to get a full on transformation. It was well taken care of, but nearly 30 years of road decontamination had buried itself so deep in the single stage paint, the paint looked matte, and altered the color of the vehicle.

On this car we are doing a two step correction, shampoo interior, and bronze ceramic package.

This is by far one of the most gratifying transformations we have ever seen in our shop!This car looks better than new, and is protected for years and years to come.


Before Photos

To see what we are dealing with, we will show the before photos and describe what we are going to do.

Here you can see in the top right part of the photos all the black spots and debris that is lodged in to the paint. This has to come out in order for us to restore it back to perfect condition. This is actually microscopic metal that hangs onto the paint from decades of road driving. We will remove this in our "iron removing" process.

Here you can see tons of dirt in the paint, in our polishing phase we will take the dark spots out, making this turn more white than it appears here.

Again here you can see the high traffic areas carrying lots of dirt and smudges that give the car zero shine as it should have.

After years of use the chrome is starting to cloud and not shine. We will fix this!

Vehicle Prep

We Started by giving this vehicle a great foam bath. This gets all the initial grime off the car, and allows us to see what we are really working with.

Iron Decontamination

We then do an iron removing process which pulls the metal out of the paint from years and years of road debris hitting the car. The spray goes on clear and then turns purple where the affected area is... We have never seen a vehicle have this much come out of the paint. This is a crucial part of the process to make sure we aren't rubbing more scratches into the paint during our polishing process.

Then we give it another bath!

We even got in with a power brush to clean out the wheel wells. The first well is the clean one, the second is one that we haven't touched... what a huge difference!

Paint Correction

After the vehicle was as clean as possible, our staff clay bars the vehicle and gets to work on the paint correction. Here in this video watch for the distinct line. You can see where the paint is going from a "haze" of the dirty side, to our corrected area, which is nice and scratch free and much more polished.

Ceramic Coating on the Single Stage Paint

We then moved on to coating all the paint. We did one coat on this Land Cruiser to ensure the strength and longevity of the coating. This is not only a hydrophobic coating, but deepens paint color and makes it keep a super high gloss. This vehicle went from a cream color, back to the white it should have been.

Finishing touches, our team removed the seats, and did a whole interior detail and extraction of the carpet and cleaned the entire interior. We hit it with our ionizer to remove any odors of the AC system, and restored all the plastic exterior pieces.

Our team did an amazing job on this vehicle, making it look like it came off the assembly line! Customer was super happy, bringing back the childhood joy. We love making huge jobs like this come together for our clients. Check out the photos!

For pricing, details and more info on getting work done on your vehicle, contact us today!


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