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Range Rover Come in For Restoration

As a detailer at our high-end auto spa, I recently had the pleasure of working on a Range Rover that was in need of some serious attention. The vehicle arrived at our shop covered in paint splatter and with a lackluster appearance. After assessing the condition of the car, I knew it was going to take some work to bring it back to its former glory.

The first step was to tackle the paint splatter on the doors. This required a delicate touch and specialized equipment to avoid damaging the paint job. We carefully removed the splatter and then proceeded to give the entire exterior of the vehicle a clay bar treatment. This process effectively removes any contaminants or debris from the surface of the paint, leaving it smooth and ready for further detailing.

Once the exterior was looking clean and fresh, we moved on to the interior. The leather seats were in need of some TLC, so we used a gentle cleaner and then conditioned the leather to restore its natural suppleness. We also took care to clean and condition the dashboard, console, and other interior surfaces, leaving the entire cabin looking and smelling like new.

After several hours of meticulous work, we finally stepped back to admire the finished product. The Range Rover had been transformed from a dull and lackluster vehicle into a gleaming example of luxury and style. The paint was now free of imperfections, the interior was pristine and comfortable, and the overall appearance of the car was stunning.

We also took care of getting ceramic window tint installed on the front two windows to protect the driver and passenger from people looking in as well as the sun's UV keeping passengers cool during the upcoming summer heat.

At our auto spa, we take pride in our ability to bring even the most neglected vehicles back to life. Our team of experienced detailers use only the highest quality products and techniques to ensure that every car that comes through our doors receives the same level of care and attention. If you have a luxury or exotic vehicle that is in need of some serious detailing, don't hesitate to bring it to us. We guarantee that you won't be disappointed with the results.


Just as with all our other clients, our team did an amazing job on this vehicle bringing the paint back to perfection, and making sure this vehicle is ready for the road ahead! They worked super hard to meet deadlines and go the extra mile to ensure our client was impressed.

Check out the photos to see how amazing this vehicle looks! For pricing, details and more info on getting work done on your vehicle, contact us today!


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