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2019 BMW X4 Gets Shiny With a A CP Silver Package

BMW x4 Ceramic Pro

This BMW came to us with 7k miles. It was in good condition but needed paint correction badly. A few bad washes at the car wash had already left tons of swirls in the paint. We got it back up to standard and then layed down some of that heavnly 9H on the paint to bring it back to life! This X4 is back on the road and looking better than ever.


Finished Product

  • Premium Detail Wash

  • Vehicle Claybar

  • Silver Pacakge - Ceramic Pro Nano Ceramic Coating

  • Interior Detail

For pricing, details and more info on getting work done on your vehicle, contact us today!

BMW x4 Ceramic Pro
BMW x4 Ceramic Pro houston
BMW x4 Black
BMW x4 houston
BMW black houston


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