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2018 Mercedes S550 White on White Restoration

BMW x4 Ceramic Pro

This Mercedes came to us after a year of driving. This spec was amazing with the white and black accents paired together. One of the coolest features is the white interior. While it looked amazing, sometimes can be hard to maintain. We washed the exterior and conditioned the leather on the inside and went to work! We applied a layer of top coat to the car and applied a coat of rain to the windsheild so the water will now glide off the front in these unpredictable Houston storms. Moving on into the inside we did the whole interior. We coated all of the leather on the dash, on the seats, center consol, headrests, rear seats and more. Then we finished everything off with spraying the textile through the carpets to make sure no dirt stays in the carpets of the vehile. The car is looking better than ever now!


Finished Product

  • Premium Detail Wash

  • Vehicle Claybar

  • Bronze Pacakge - Ceramic Pro Nano Ceramic Coating

  • Full Interior Pacakage - Ceramic Pro Leather & Textile

  • Interior Detail

For pricing, details and more info on getting work done on your vehicle, contact us today!

BMW x4 Ceramic Pro
BMW x4 Ceramic Pro houston
BMW x4 Black


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